Tom Avinelis

Managing Director


Tom is a Principal at Agriculture Capital, with responsibility across our sustainable agriculture strategies. He is key member and developer of our permanent crop strategy, Agriculture Capital Permanent Crops, LLC, investing in permanent cropland and midstream assets to create a vertically integrated, sustainable farming enterprise that grows, packs and markets high-value produce. Tom brings to Agriculture Capital a deep background in agriculture, ranging from roles as pest control advisor to farm manager, research agronomist, crop consultant, sales manager, and director of various farming operations, collectively constituting one of the largest organic blueberry growers in the United States.

Tom is one of the foremost experts on sustainable and organic agriculture at scale, in the United States and sustainability and stewardship have been the hallmark of Tom’s career that has spanned four decades. In his career, Tom has managed over 3,500 acres of sustainable and organic farmland as owner, investor and operator

Building on his passion for farming, stewardship of the land, and sustainability, Tom has become an industry leader in both organic and conventional permanent crops. He led the sourcing, analysis, transaction execution and post-investment management in permanent cropland totaling US$53 million since 2003. Tom harnessed his expertise in table grapes, blueberries and citrus to grow a world-class marketing enterprise, HomeGrown Farms, into one of the largest organic produce marketing firms in California. Tom also co-founded AgriCare, a farm management services and technical consulting company.

Tom has held the office of President of the California Olive Commission and was a founding member of the California Olive Association. He was an executive board member of California Citrus Mutual, and currently serves as Vice President of the California Blueberry Association. Tom was also a member of the USDA Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter Task Force. Tom has also been a vocal advocate for blueberry growers and has worked tirelessly to bring growers together to create a stronger industry, and was a 2020 recipient of the United States Highbush Blueberry Council’s 20th Anniversary Grower Innovation, Sustainability Award. He has served as a guest speaker for various industry organizations,  addressing topics including the development, farming and cultural practices of blueberries in California and growing of both organic citrus and blueberry crops. Tom has addressed both the California State Assembly and legislators in Washington D.C regarding the California blueberry and citrus industries. He has represented the California blueberry industry in California state congressional hearings for the California Blueberry Commission.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Crop Science from California Polytechnic Institute, San Luis Obispo.